Leopard Safari



Leopard Safari is blessed with the diverse beauty of Aravali range which brings you a prodigious experience of Indian leopard’s . Here you can see more than 60 Males and females leopards along with cubs. Increasing population of leopards in 60 kilometre area and Bera the best place in the world for leopard sightings and photography. These predators are settled among the human villages for their daily diet of shepherd livestock and street dogs, but their is not even a single causality between humans and leopards.

The Leopard safari Which is operated twice in a day, early morning and evening in our customized open 4x4 safari vehicles. With experts. Generalrly it takes 3-4 hours to complete one time leopard safari, although the hours may be less if leopard sighting is in closer zone.

The leopard here is the biggest predator of this region. This place is blessed with natural rocky hill outcrops which is an ideal hide-out for a leopard's habitat. In this area the major occupation of local people is farming and dairy farming, the abundance of cattle and monkeys (Indian langur) provides leopard, various food options. This region boasts off many other species of animals and birds in the wild. At the Jawai Dam and its backwaters you can spot so many crocodiles.

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